26 January 2009

Bojonegoro Collision

Trains collide head on in Bojonegoro, 2 dead, 3 injured

The Jakarta Post (Fri, 01/23/2009)

A passenger train traveling at high speed collided head-on with a freight train at Kapas Station in Bojonegoro, East Java, on Friday afternoon, killing two crew men and injuring three other people.

The freight train conductor Sarjan and his assistant Agus were both killed. The passenger train conductor Harjo Suwito was one of the injured along with two other victims who have not yet been identified.

The victims were taken to Sosodoro Jatikusumo Hospital.

Investigators from the Bojonegoro police and railway officials said they suspected the accident was caused by a failure in the tracking-switching mechanism which put both trains on the same track heading towards each other. They said, however, more time was needed to verify that assumption. (and)

Train locomotive engineer likely to have ignored signs: police

The Jakarta Post , Jakarta (01/25/2009)

The police reported Sunday that human error had been a factor in a train collision that left two dead and dozens injured in Bojonegoro, East Java, on Friday.

Preliminary investigation by the Bojonegoro police indicated that a train locomotive engineer had ignored traffic signal.

Bojonegoro police chief Agus Hidayat said the police were still gathering statements from witnesses to the incident to determine the causes of the crash but had yet to name suspects.

"The police will start to name names as soon as all witnesses have undergone questioning," Hidayat said, as quoted by Antara newswire.

"Give it two or three days and we will disclose the suspect that had caused the train collision," he added.

Meanwhile Antara reported that local resident Kentinah, 37, had claimed to have seen the locomotive engineer of passenger train Rajawali disregarding a red stop sign located next to the railway tracks.

The Semarang bound Rajawali train was reportedly travelling at high speed when it switched lanes and collided head-on with cargo train Antabogo, killing two crew members of the cargo train.

Source URL: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/01/23/trains-collide-head-bojonegoro-2-dead-3-injured.html

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Tjahjono Rahardjo said...

The real "suspect" is the management of PTKA, not the driver.