17 September 2008

The "Banyubiru" (Semarang - Solo)

The Indonesian Railway Company (PT Kereta Api) will launch a new train on 19 September 2008. The “Banyubiru” ("blue waters" in Javanese, though its colour scheme is not blue at all) will connect the cities of Semarang and Solo, Central Java. It will travel through the historical Semarang - Tanggung route, Indonesia's first railway line. Eventually the service will be extended to Sragen, east of Solo.

The new "Banyubiru" (right) and the old "Pandanwangi" (left), both serving the Semarang-Solo line

The “Banyubiru” actually consists of two Diesel multiple units (DMU) sets, each composed of four business and economy class coaches. These brand new DMUs were manufactured by PT. INKA (Indonesian Railway Industry) in Madiun. The traveling time from Semarang to Solo would be two hours forty five minutes.

Interior of the "Banyubiru"

On 17 September 2008 the first set arrived at Semarang - Poncol locomotive shed. Members of the Indonesian Railway Preservation Society (IRPS) – Semarang were there to welcome the train and were warmly received by the shed master. He personally gave them a “sneak preview” of the train. The second set is expected to arrive in December 2008.

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Darwin said...

After having two daily Banyu Biru services in 2009 extended to either Yogyakarta or Sragen, the name has disappeared and the service is now reduced to a daily return Joglosemar with a new set between Semarang and Yogyakarta and two local trains between Solo and Semarang. See https://sites.google.com/site/railwaysofjava/home/routes-and-time-tables/joglosemar