19 November 2008

C1412 on plinth in Semarang

What secret is hidden behind the tarpaulin at PTKA's office in Semarang?

It's C1412!

Workers applying a fresh coat of paint

Offering of flowers and cigarettes for the guardian spirit of C1412

I was not aware that C1412 had been moved to the PTKA office in Semarang until Mr Albert Pelupessy, a visitor to this blog sent me a message on 18 November 2008. By that time C1412 was already a week in Semarang. Mr Pelupessy is the contractor appointed by PTKA to move and restore C1214. He is also a steam enthusiast. I met him, quite by accident, when I visited the PTKA office - where he was supervising the restoration work - on the afternoon of November 19, 2008.

C1412 in Ambarawa (2008)

(photo: Nick Bryant)

C1412 in Ambarawa (2001)

C1412 was Serajoedal Stoomtram Maatschappij (SDS) engine number 12. Between 1895 and 1910 SDS ordered fourteen of these 0-6-0 tank engines from Beyer Peacock, Manchester. C1412 itself entered into service in 1909. These engines were mainly used to haul freight trains on the SDS line connecting Maos and Wonosobo, along the valley of the Serayu river between the Slamet, Sumbing and Sindoro volcanoes in Central Java. Unfortunately, this scenic route has long been closed. I think it is quite appropriate that C1412 is now adorning the PTKA office in Semarang, as the building used to be the joint office of the Samarang-Joana Stoomtram Mij (SJS), Semarang-Cheribon Stoomtram Mij (SCS), Serajoedal Stoomtram Mij (SDS) and Oost-Java Stoomtram Mij (OJS). Engines of the same series, C1411 and C1414, are preserved at the railway office in Purwokerto and Tegal works, respectively.

SDS 2, a class mate of SDS 12 (C1412) heading a frieght train posing on a viaduct

Manufacturer's photograph of SDS 1, another classmate, with skirt and curtain

C1412 on 12 December 2008

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