17 November 2008

Station Signage: Indonesia and elsewhere

Railway station signage, besides its main function in assisting wayfinding, showing directions, and giving information, is often used to present the corporate identity of the company operating the railways. Therefore, the logo of the company is often incorporated in the signage design.


Perhaps because Indian Railways (IR) is a state owned monopoly, there is no urgency to show its identity on its stations. It is taken for granted that anything having to do with railways is IR.


(photo: Hotmauli Sidabalok)

(photo: Hotmauli Sidabalok)

The same seems to be the case in China. But in most other countries the identity of the railway company is prominently displayed.




But in INDONESIA, instead of the identity of PTKA (Indonesian Railway Company), the station signage is dominated by a cigarette advertisement.

We should not be surprised if someone not familiar with the Indonesian railway situation thinks that the railway company here is "Pria Punya Selera" instead of PT Kereta Api Persero (PTKA). "Pria punya selera" is the tagline of a leading Indonesian cigarette brand ad.

I would be grateful if anyone can tell me about other "unusual" station signanges.

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